Video surveillance is the fastest growing segment of the physical security industry. That’s because the quality of video images produced by today’s high-resolution cameras and stored on high-capacity recorders offers a wide range of uses – from intruder verification to retail customer shopping analysis. Having customer video can also help defend against personal injury and worker comp claims.

In some instances, installation of security cameras and recording is required for a business license. In other cases, business owners have installed the systems because they offer an opportunity to better identify criminal activity committed on the business.

Video surveillance is much more than installing video cameras. Video surveillance is an engineered solution that combines strategic security camera placement and equipment selection, real-time video streaming and recording, and remote command and control access to the video system.

Well-engineered video surveillance systems begin with protecting the perimeter – because the best time to identify a possible intruder is before they gain access to the premises. Outdoor security cameras can be used to establish a perimeter well beyond the walls of the facility and can deliver a high-resolution image during the day or at night in virtually all weather conditions. Many include advanced motion sensing that sends an alarm to the owner and initiates recording.

Indoor security cameras capture activity such as customer shopping and check-out in retail, employee compliance with store policy and procedures, and criminal activity from shoplifting to armed robbery.

Security camera equipment is available in a wide range of functionality, quality and price points. Low cost equipment is widely available online and from “big box” stores for just a few hundred dollars. But many Parsecurity customers have tried these systems only to be disappointed with their quality.

Remote command and control is offered using Alarm.Com. This robust app offers remote viewing of live camera feeds as well as arm/disarm and open/close notification options.

Parsecurity only offers commercial-grade video surveillance equipment which includes security cameras and video recording devices. Our experienced commercial installers are trained to locate and position each camera depending on the desired field of view and giving consideration to situations such as sunshine and glare situations.

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