Why you need construction surveillance

If you run a construction business, you must realize the importance of construction site security to reduce theft, improve workplace culture, and increase employee security. Proper construction site technology can not only help you save time and money, but also allow you to enjoy better peace of mind.

Here are a few reasons why construction site security and construction site video monitoring is important:

1. It helps you to prevent thefts and vandalism – Theft and vandalism are pretty common in unprotected construction sites without any manned security guards or video surveillance. These not only cause huge losses each year but also result in a delay of the projects. Plus, it can also ruin the reputation of your company.

Construction site video monitoring acts as a security deterrent and improves construction site security. It prevents internal theft, pilferage of goods, and even helps you keep away intruders and criminal elements.

2. It helps you to monitor construction workers, engineers, architects, and design teams – Monitoring construction workers is crucial if you want to improve the efficiency of the workers and accelerate the progress of your projects. Unfortunately, foremen are often unreliable when it comes to monitoring construction workers since the whole situation can be subjected to miscommunication.

The issue remains true for engineers, architects, and design teams who have to follow strict schedules and deadlines. Without constant surveillance, the whole system can fall victim to laziness and bad work ethics which can put undue pressure on the project manager and also cause other problems. 

Installing video surveillance devices such as CCTV towers, mobile cameras, and perimeter detection systems are a reliable way to monitor the workers and observe whether they are functioning at their full capacity.

3. It helps you to prevent possible liabilities – If a construction site is left unguarded, criminals and squatters may misuse it to store illegal products and dangerous substances that can make you fall victim to liability lawsuits. And, in case of accidents, it can become difficult to find if it was really an accident or caused due to an unsafe work environment without construction site video monitoring.

Video surveillance is a great way to discourage criminal activity and would allow you to provide the necessary evidence that can save you a lot of headache, time, and money.

4. It helps you to keep track of construction progress – It’s crucial to keep track of construction progress to appease the general contractors and stakeholders that are associated with the job. Unfortunately, it’s not always feasible or efficient for project managers to check the progress of multiple construction sites by arriving at the destination. Instead, it’s much more efficient to use CCTV towers and mobile camera towers to check the progress.

Construction site technology has improved over the years and it is no longer necessary to hire manned security guards to improve construction site security. You install temporary camera systems such as mobile camera towers, CCTV towers, and perimeter detection systems to ensure video surveillance at all times and monitor the construction work site.

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